Entrance Instructions

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CCCGC Entrance Instructions

The official address is 514 E Grace Street, Punta Gorda, FL 33950.  However, the building is located between Taylor Street and Cooper Street. The majority of parking is on the corner of E Ann Street and Cooper Street.

From Route 41 take E Ann Street and cross Taylor Street. The parking lot will be on your right and you may access the front door or the parking lot door from the lot.

The accessible entrance is located either at the front entrance of the building on E Grace Street side or on the E Ann Street side. Call us (941-585-0356) and we will allow entry.

A mask is required to enter the building.

If you come in E Ann Street, park in the parking lot behind the building and go up the ramp on either side to the BROWN door that says Charlotte County Computer Club. Push the doorbell and wait for somebody to come out to greet you and allow you to come in.

If you have any equipment to bring in leave it in your vehicle unless you can carry it (laptop, tablet, etc), If you leave it in your car we will assist you.

Remember that we prefer cash or check. However, we can also take credit card payments by PayPal for an additional $1. So if you need to pay your dues please bring the appropriate remuneration with you. If you need to find an ATM, there are many banks on route 41 on your way over.

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